When you get up with an idea, it doesn’t matter what time of year or season. What does matter is ‘what you do with the idea.’

This new thought bounces, jumps and dances. You pour your first cup of coffee and start in on some normal household chores to let the new thoughts simmer. Then you sit down at your computer. Maybe you have a notebook where you write new thoughts before hitting the keyboard. Where did your ideas go? Where is the Muse hiding your thoughts?

Why should your Muse stay with you all night long, and then have to wait? You need to channel the flow of your thoughts. Your brain is primed to expound on all points, until you do your normal activities. Then, this person in your head (your brain) says ‘not important,’ and shuts the information down.

Don’t panic. Go write at a coffee shop you have never tried. Take a walk. Just do something different. Listen to all the sounds around you. Breathe in unique aromas. Don’t push. Let your creative juices flow in all directions.

When you least expect anything to happen, your mind opens and the vision of your dream appears. Your pen covers sheets of paper or your fingers fly over the keyboard and page after page appear. Your brain did not forget. You cluttered your mind all by yourself.

Remember to play with your imagination. You will have more ideas, words and a new story. Let go of hard thinking and enjoy the new creativity. Your Muse will stick beside you, when you listen to her say — Creativity is not work. Creativity is fun. Come play with me.

Give your Muse a  big hug.