Book CaseAs I wrote  the previous post, the rewire in my brain kicked in. “Find it. Find it. Find it.” was all I could hear. What was IT? I did not keep my ‘bic,’ but got up and begin to pace around my living room, still full of papers for tax time. My mind and soul began a deliberate internal search. Why was this so important?

I could not get comfortable. A warm shower. Yeah, this is what I need. But the water did not dislodge any thoughts in my head. I crawled into bed and took the deep breaths in and exhaled in the same manner – deep. My mind produced a picture, but how can you look at something so out of focus.  After tossing and turning, my body craved sleep.

I woke up with a startled picture of IT. This became focused. I got out of bed and looked at the clock. We will not mention the time, but I had to search quietly so my neighbors could sleep. This was not their problem. Now, volumes of paper covered my bedroom floor and bed. It has to be here. I have to find it. Then my mind recoiled….no find them. Oops, I’m in big trouble. Even at this e-a-r-l-y  h-o-u-r, a fresh cup of coffee sounded great. A hot cup, of the black liquid, in my hands, I returned and there in the middle of my bed, they rested. Two poems I had written many years ago, were the start of the rewire of my brain.  May you enjoy and may these words jump-start your writing.

PAPER AND WORDS by Patricia E Patterson

Sterile white sheets of  paper, void, empty. My pen caresses the open space with long, black sensuous strokes. The affair starts.

The pen rushes to capture words out of control. Fast, jerky slants fill each line. Anger, bitterness, frustration – words stand tall and bold..

Without warning, timid, delicate strokes appear like an apology for a jealous outburst.Soft angles emerge to create gentle words on paper.

–The end–

I have found the second and will send it out to you in a few days.

May you enjoy and even try some poetry yourselves.

Sweet dreams.