An IdeaLet’s rewire the creative side of our brain. What? I am a writer not a doctor.

Every day chores feel like we are in a quagmire. We get distracted when the mundane activities cross our paths. Today is the day for changes. Are you ready?

Make writing your TOP priority. Whether you write first thing in the morning or after the day settles down, this is your choice. Do let others know this is YOUR time without any distractions.

Create new breath into your work. No television, no cell phones near, no e-book reader to draw your attention away and NO CHEATING. Keep seated and devour the sounds of silence. Let your emotions leave the pit of your stomach and roll around in your head.

Invite your creative process to get a jump start as your brain engages and think only of your writing. You might encounter bright colors or strange sounds. Would these fit into your story? You feel excited and let your fingers run across the keyboard. Do not look. Keep going.

Then you notice a slowing of the mind and fingers. Hey, this is a new process. Your brain is experiencing a new release from you. Keep the session short the first few times, and then be prepared for endless opportunities. Our creative sides, once rewired and unleashed, will want more and more. Dig in and be prepared for new outlets.

Look at your new writing. Are your characters more alive? Do the settings feel like you can touch them on the page? If so, you are on your way. Something new has happened and it is up to you to keep this rewired connection in place.

Write and feel the energy.