Blog Getters

You want more and more for your blog. Right? So do I, and I came across some of the old standbys we often forget. Refreshers never hurt.

How often do you visit other blogs and see new ideas? Have you made a ‘guest appearance’ on a blog? Do you leave comments? If you are not in touch with other blogs, why should they venture near yours. You can learn from different blogs and see ways to improve your own.

Have you ever found a topic–new, interesting and fun? You notice the word count on your blog increase and increase and increase. Blogs come in all sizes (word counts). Just double-check yours and make certain extra information does not interfere with your topicl. Make your point and know when to stop.

How often do you post? I’ve heard some bloggers say every day. One writer, I know, finds interesting pictures, from wherever, and writes a paragraph each day on the pic. This brings in fresh new material and great comments. Others make ea h day a “special” day; Mondays are for XX, Tuesdays for XXX, Wednesday, XXXX, Thursdays XXXXX, Fridays XXXXXX and even different ideas on the weekends. (P.S. I do know how to make Roman Numerals, but this was fun.) Most of all create an atmosphere where your readers cannot wait to read what’s up next.

Make certain you leave comments to the blog writer and be courteous. Follow up on comments to your blog. Let your readers know they are important and you are glad they are there to share their thoughts with you.

Link your blog to the social media of your choice. Promote your blog through these links and interact with other bloggers. It is a great blog world and so many topics for dissection and discussion. Enjoy your new conversations and connections.

Be kind and have fun.