Finding Balance

I don’t know about you, but sometimes daily life gets out of control. Twenty-four hours are not enough. A full eight hours of sleep is a joke. Thought processes do not stop and the mental “to-do-list” grows longer. I can hit the bed and sleep in one sweep; then my internal clock nudges me at 2, 3, 4:00 a.m. I’ve tried tossing and turning, but nothing helps. Does this sound familiar?

One early morning wake-up, I headed to my computer. No online checks, just writing. This led me to an unfinished sequel to a novel. Bleary eyed, I put fingers on the keyboard and one hour later, had eight pages of new material. I did not attempt to read what I had written. I shut down the link between fiction and reality. Sleep came.

The alarm sang  to me and I awoke refreshed, ready to hit the day. Then, my “to-do list” appeared and I felt overwhelmed. I was Alice swirling down a hole away from home and into a strange place.

Balance. I need balance. Okay, I can agree with this; can you? Balance gives us the stamina to keep going forward. Even the Energizing Bunny needs  a re-charge, once in a while. So I stopped and begin asking questions? Do I exercise? Do I eat nutritious meals? Do I eat on the run? Do I eat standing up? Do I ever sit a place at the table? These are questions you can ask yourself.

Other questions for all of us: how important is your “to-do-list” or is this something that gets you through the day? Do you ever play? This is plan with a “Y”. No, play is for kids. I have responsibilities. Keep going and see all the excuses you have for not playing. Play can be taking a thirty-minute nap; doing nothing; watching a kids’ movie; eating breakfast for dinner; saving the pizza for breakfast. How would you, or how do you combine work and balance?

We are adults, but do we have to be so up tight, we forget to laugh? When we employ responsibilities with laughter, heavy duties with fun challenges and sleepless nights with opportunities, this might put a new balance into our lives. What will it take to bring out the kid in our lives, if only for a couple of hours?

When those early morning hours awake hit, meditate and figure out what you need. Get up and be an innovative early morning thinker. Do not stress out. Dream a little; no dream a lot.

Dreams are the highways to our lives.