Drowning in E-mails

E-mails are rocking my boat. E-mails are sinking my ship, and I have neither a boat or a ship. I try to help out the “green areas” and end up with bill notices weighing down the lists. I now know to reach my doctor, dentist, eye specialist, I have to have an ID and a password. Some days I can’t even keep up with my coffee cup let alone all the passwords.

Okay, make a list. Then I changed email addresses and this adds to the confusion. Which email should I use? Will this require a new password? Then I try to tell the old email to disappear and I get the cold shoulder. My new email is waiting for places to send me, but at which password.

Do you remember the “old days”, when you got a ding…..You’ve Got Mail. Sometimes I wonder if I could get a job announcing this to all everyone? No, people would think a re-make of the movie was about to hit the theatres.

Platform is another word, we will check on later, but if you do not have a social medial network — oops. This involves more emails, more names, more passwords, more confusing areas where one little mind gets lost. Mine.

As a professional, fun-type, exercise instructor, I want to meet with everyone. I want to answer every e-mail. I do not want to offend anyone. Do I? Yep, I’m sure I do, but what  or how can I control all the e-mails that need answering. Sure, I do know spam and am not afraid to send this to the never-never land. Then I get shivers. Suppose that was a publisher wanting to talk to me; an agent who saw an e-mail I sent out.

I want to hear from everyone who has important information to share. With the publishing industry in a new updating process, we need to be able to access all information. We need all the “ins” and “outs” of the information suggested we read.

I’d love to hear how you handle all the e-mails you receive and if you give them identity numbers? You do not have to share everything, but what makes you know this is an important note. How do you prioritize your information.

I want to be there for everyone, answer each e-mail, and give as much as I receive. BUT, the balloon I carry got pricked and soared upward away from me. Please send in some of our solutions to the email process. If we get enough, I’ll make a special report and include a listing of solutions to e-mail overload. No names mentioned.

Until then, think up something you would dress and represent Hallo ween.

Happy Writing. Great Writing. Keep Writing.