Welcome to patriciachats!

Yes, Hello World, and welcome to my first blog with WordPress.com. I hope we can have great conversations, discussions and learn new ideas. I want YOU to be a part of this blog and bring your comments to the table for further learning for all of us.

I am a retired 9-5 worker in many different fields: newspaper, circulation, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, office manager. But upon retirement re-invented myself into a real people person. I am a certified fitness instructor for senior citizens, known as SilverSneakers. This is my joy. I take classes to keep up my certification, leanr new choreography, and keep my class members wondering what is next. I have the best members and have seen so many surprise themselves with exercise and balance and strengh. We are having a “Fall Festival” after our Wednesday afternoon class. Photography is not something I’ve ever mastered, but will try to get pics up. I am a writer, a poet, a reader, a lover of words, a mother, a grandmother, a great grandmother. I have a wonderful son and great daughter-in-law. (I’m quite lucky.) I have wonderful friends and neat acquaintances. I am a member of the Atlanta Writers Club Organization, Georgia Romance Writers and Romance Writers of America. I have a completed manuscript ready for the road to publishing land and working on its sequel. I also have two manuscripts ready and waiting those final revisions. I started out writing poetry, until the poems got longer and longer, thus novels became the new for me. In 1999, I published a chapbook with Sparrowgrass Chapbooks, Sisterville, West Virginia, named “All About Life, A collection of Poems.” I still go back to writing poetry when words get clogged in my thoughts.

I’ve dreamed about a blog and now this dream has come true. But, to work, this is OUR blog for OUR ideas, YOUR input, YOUR thoughts, OUR discussions, and think of this as our patriciachats around the breakfast table; coffee, coffee, tea, tea, and talk. Then how about a luncheon on a patio. We are outside and the sights, sounds, smells stir our emotions into new avenues of writings. Okay, there will be times we are at dinner catching up on happenings and ideas. We might be at a diner, a dive, or a drive in. Sorry, Guy, could not resist some of the best food on television. We might relax over a glass of wine from a hard days work and let our thoughts flow across the table or even under the table. These patriciachats are for everyone and will include everyone. I will need your feedback, your desires for chats. We will need to discover a new writer, a new book, and let everyone know with a short review. I want to come in sometimes and give you tips on new exercises, Tai Chi, health information, diet, NO not how but the foods to eat and the foods to walk away from. I might even throw in a new item to cook.

I want this to be a good time, but we also have to keep up with the publishing industry, the Indie Books, and check for new ideas and new platforms to keep us up on our writing and the industry. We also need to share any new events going on in our areas: your area, my area and any other area. Writers Conferences and how about writers retreats. Wouldn’t it be a hoot to rent a cabin, and write all the new stories we want over a weekend. Think about – no make-up, a bathrobe all day, everyone helping cook, (and the dishwashing). Just a ‘good ole girls’ weekend.

All of us have lives to live, pressures to assume, problems to surmount and a lot of other things. On this blog, we are just us. Remember the old saying, “let your hair down and scream.” This is where I want us to connect minus the scream.

Okay, now you have an idea of the blog. I will post three (3) times a week and welcome your comments seven (7) times a week. Let’s make this OUR blog and if you want to discuss any topic, please suggest one. If I am unaware, I can research; better yet, maybe one of the readers is the top dog in this area.

I still have a lot to learn about WordPress, so overlook any sloppy mistakes. I will be a quick study and a quick learner. I will learn to link this to different areas, so we can share with our writing friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tweeter. But, for tonight, may I wish you great dreams, and fantasy thoughts.

Patricia, Happy Writing, Happy Blogging

Dreams do come true, if you dream long enough, hard enough, and BELIEVE.


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  1. Patricia, I’m a fellow SMP author and finally got around to browsing through your blog and archives. Nice indeed. Now I am following so I can keep up with you. I see you are from around ATL, GA. I am from around AVL, NC, a few hours ‘up the road’. We both have been blasted by these recent storms, glad we both survived! Hope you can take a few minutes and check out my wordpress blog as well.(Summersrye) It seems to be a revolving theme of entries depending on what has main focus of my life at the time. But it is my way of letting readers/friends/fans have a sneak peek into my private world. Hope they like it.

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